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"I'm an American citizen whose mission is to help unite our country.  When we stand together in unity, we become the greatest, most powerful country on Earth.  When we are divided, no one wins - including the people who need healing the most.  With all the noise and chaos going on in the world, our top priority should be to LISTEN to each other.  We The People are responsible to each other.  I am here, to share my story, but most importantly, to listen to those who peacefully care to share." — Rob Cortis

we shall overcome.


The Unity Bridge was born the night of the final Presidential Debate and its goal is to bring people together on common issues that we can all agree on by the many unifying signs on the bridge they include:

1 Flag 1 Nation 1 God

Unite America 1st

Secure America's Borders

Women Families Veterans & Bikers

Fix our Jobs Health Care & Roads

The Unity Bridge also proudly displays our Nations Colors saluting our service men and women and Veterans, The Statue of Liberty represents people immigrating to America legally, and the Harley Davidson represents American manufacturing and Jobs for American workers.

TOGETHER, we can work to resolve.

The most successful people, don't just rise to the top.
Hard work and dedication is only the beginning.
Many must overcome great adversity and against all odds, accomplish what they set out to do.

We The People.

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